Aluminum Dip Brazing

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Aluminum Dip Brazing

 Dip Brazing is an 1100 degree molten salt bath immersion process where every joint, no matter how complex or delicate the assembly may be, is fused together as one.

The advantage of this process is that the jointed section of the assemblies is as in most cases as strong as the parent material.

The aerospace industry has accepted and welcomed the dip brazing process for fabricating aluminum assemblies.

Sterling Precision, Inc. is widely accepted in the industry for being approved to perform aluminum dip brazing as well as welding, heat treating, and a multitude of chemical film coatings of aluminum alloys comlimenting the finished product.

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Custom Design

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-Significant product design capability-

-Product development-

-R & D-

-High speed internet access-


-Auto cad-


CNC Machining

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CNC Machining

Sterling Precision has the capabilities of a full service CNC machine shop

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-Electro mechanical assemblies-

-Pressure testing-

-Hardware fastner installation equipment featuring heli-coil and pem brands-

-MIL-STD-130/13231 industry marking-